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What must it be like to feel that your own parents hate you for being gay?

I listened to a very strange video yesterday. I say listened, because the camera was pointed at a wall and so there was nothing really to look at.

It made the sound clearer and made what was being said all the more horrific.

It was a young man talking to his family. It opens with a woman, presumably his mother, saying that she loved him. There are possibly four or five people in the room.

The woman then says that she has known her son was gay since he was a very young boy. The family obviously don't know that they are being filmed.

They go on to criticise the fact that he is gay and they tell him he has to leave the house.

It starts as a calm exchange of words but it turns into an attack on the young man - with family members verbally and physically abusing him.

All the family members feel that this young man has made a choice and for them, it goes against God's will.


It is an extraordinary expression of hatred and one that has resulted in the young man, Daniel Pearce, gathering support from around the world.

What must it be like to feel that your parents hate you and how you are living your life?

When I came out, it was a challenging time, but I never for a second felt that my parents didn't love me or support me.

God never came into the equation. In the Daniel Pearce video, the family members and Daniel get into a debate about whether he has made a choice or was born that way.

But that all becomes irrelevant when they scream at him, when it sounds like his mother or aunt is punching him.

I cannot begin to fathom what it must be like for a young gay man or woman to get a reaction like this from their family.

It's a sober reminder that there are still many small-minded people out there who will berate, belittle and bash someone, even their child, because they are gay.