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We've come a long way for gay holidays

When I was a young, gay lass living in Edinburgh in the 1990s, myself and my friends would have to think very carefully about where we could go on holidays.

One summer my friends and I decided to hire two mobile homes and head down to Devon. Hardly the gay capital of the UK.

After a day's drive, this gang of lesbians rocked in to the mobile home park. With all the looks from the campers, you would swear that we were aliens having just landed. The other holidaymakers were trailer trash at its best, and in fairness we looked like the cast of Quadrophenia, with a tad more lipstick.

That night, we decided to go to the pub on the site, where the bingo was being held. When we walked in, all eyes were on us. I don't know if they were more scared that we were going to start kissing each other or win the bumper bingo prize. Which, for the record, I won.

Fast forward 20 years later and I spot an ad for "Gay Weekends at Hotel Westport". Two nights bed and breakfast PLUS fun and entertainment. It's only happening two weekends a year, but it's an interesting turnaround in Ireland that gay people are being targeted for holidays.

Hotels and guesthouses are beginning to take advantage of that pink pound, but I think a gay couple might want more than the option of twice a year.

In fact, it might be better that the Hotel Westport organised events for gay couples all year round, what we will do is win your bingo, and you will just have to accept that.