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Wedding is for all lovers of celebrity

THE wedding of Britain's Prince William and Kate Middleton has opened a divide in public opinion in this country.

There are those who are enthusiastically planning how they'll catch every minute of the spectacle. They've thrown themselves with gusto into the affair.

And there are those who not only plan to give the whole thing a wide berth but appear bewildered by Irish people showing interest in the doings of the British royals.

At a very basic level, we live in an age of celebrity - and right now, celebs don't come much bigger than the pair who'll tie the knot on Friday.

An estimated two billion people are expected to tune in to watch the ceremony.

And why wouldn't they?

We may be too old for fairy tales, but in these often- difficult times, the sight of one young woman living every little girl's dream still has the power to enchant.