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We should all admire Susan

WWith Love/Hate grabbing the nation's imagination, spare a thought for one of its former incumbents, Susan Loughnane, who played gangster's moll Debbie in the first two seasons. Susan has revealed herself to be charmingly down-to-earth, and unlike many of her contemporaries, Susan is brutally honest about the fact that there is little money to be made from her chosen profession, and that she has subsidised her income with jobs in a phone retailers, a clothing store and even a pub, explaining that: "I wanted to do something normal, get back to reality." She has just released her debut novel, and we should wish her the best of luck with it, though it seems that whether it makes her rich or not is not going to concern Susan. It appears that if it makes her happy then that would be enough. Which is exactly how it should be.

IIs it just me, or is there something odd about the way newspapers yesterday announced the engagement of British TV star Luisa Zissman to Irish businessman Andrew Collins? In each case, the headline described Andrew, former owner of insurance website 123.ie, as a "Millionaire", with his wealth mentioned again in the first sentence. Contrary to what this implies, has it occurred to anyone that Andrew may be an attractive man, that Luisa may not be marrying him for money, and that they may simply be in love?