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'We opened fire and men fell like ninnypins'


Thomas Walsh

Thomas Walsh

Thomas Walsh

VOLUNTEERS who fought in the Battle of Mount Street gave the following accounts to the Bureau of Military History.

We had to wait until the British troops actually passed us before we could fire on them...so intent were they...on the capture of Clanwilliam House they completely overlooked our post. We opened fire and men fell like ninnypins. Those who got past us had scarcely reached the bridge before they had to face a battery of fire from Clanwilliam House. We emptied our guns on those who thought to turn back
- William Christian

They fell like flies
- Aine O'Rahilly

[Soldiers] took cover anywhere they could find it...Those that managed to get under cover of the bridge, both from Northumberland Road and Percy Place, now attempted to cross the bridge, led by an officer...they made the attempt but did not survive. By now there was a great pile of dead and dying on the bridge
- Thomas Walsh

Most of the houses were now occupied by the enemy... fire was now directed on us from all directions
-Jimmy Doyle

[The British] suffered shocking losses. Their official figure for killed and wounded was over 200, but I am sure there was much more than this lying along Northumberland Road, on the house steps, in the channels...[with] several high-ranking officers among them...They made sitting ducks for amateur riflemen
- Thomas Walsh