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We can do a lot better for our children

IS IRELAND doing the best for our children? According to the Children's Rights Alliance, we could do a lot better. The alliance has awarded the Government a C-grade for its handling of children's rights, which shows no improvement on the grade it got last year.

The report card-style analysis praises our performance in the field of education, with better literacy and improvements in school buildings cited as positives.

The existence of a Minister for Children is also a major plus for the Government.

But the alliance claims we are lagging behind in the areas of child health and poverty.

One in five Irish children is at risk of consistent poverty and one in 10 lives in such conditions.

Is this acceptable in a 21st Century first world country?

The alliance also awarded a B-grade for protecting our children from abuse.

But given the high rates of cyber-bullying revealed this week, are we doing enough?