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Way to go Dan ... you're so hip

JYOU'VE got to love 2fm boss Dan Healy. He's obviously good at his job and has shown himself to be fearless in orchestrating a shake-up of the station's personnel, but every time he speaks he comes across as the oldest swinger in town.

With a major overhaul of the presenting line-up having seen Nicky Byrne and Jennifer Maguire come in, Healy (inset) last month described Byrne's new show as one which aims to "bang out 10 tunes an hour".

This week, he revealed his call to arms to the new presenters.

"For God's sake," he told them, "we've brought you here to be edgy."

After "banging" and "edgy", there are I believe only two remaining words favoured by middle-aged men still trying to be "down with the kids".

So expect Healy to describe a show as being "hip" or groovy" any day now.

* * *