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Was Samantha Brick just having a laugh?

Q: WILL Samantha Brick, the woman who sparked a furious debate after writing about the difficulties of being attractive, reveal all on the Late Late Show?

I had the impression her "I'm so beautiful" article was a bit of a wind-up. Either that or the rest of us women need to go to self-esteem classes.

Not before the children

Banning smoking in cars where there are children is all well and good, but isn't it reasonable to assume that parents who do this smoke in their homes when their children are there? How do you propose policing this?

So that would be a yes, then

Alan Shatter won't say whether he met Michael Lowry. Well now, there's a headline: politician avoids difficult question. I take it that this might mean, "Yes, I did"?

I'm beginning to get the picture

So Mark Zuckerberg's Facebook has bought photo sharing programme, Instagram. I don't know whether this is a smart business move or not. But I have the feeling his company won't be happy until it owns the rights to every dog, child and holiday snap on earth.

Reviews don't cost a thing

The new boss at Permanent TSB says he'll review the interest rates on the mortgages it holds. The institution has higher rates than other State-owned institutions. But a review and a reduction are two different things.