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Warm spell is a bad cold just waiting for me

gThis freaky warm weather is going to end in tears. We may be enjoying the mild winds and the soft days, but we all know that within a couple of weeks, temperatures will plummet and we will be dying with colds. So get the Vitamin C into you and prepare for flu hell!

I I visited the Canadian Parliament a couple of years ago when I was on a press trip. It is a stunning building and the tour guides who showed us around were generous with their time, along with being extremely well-informed. And so to hear of the recent shootings is sad and depressing. One can never make sense of these barbaric acts.

gCan I mention the C word yet? Is it too soon? Can I say that the little bits of tinsel I see in the shops and the C word ads on the television, are bringing the tiniest tingles to my tummy. OK, I wont mention it yet, but its a-comin' down the tracks and I am getting very, very excited. HO HO HO!