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Wallace row undermines our Dail

INDEPENDENT TD Mick Wallace has left the Technical Group but has no intention of resigning as a TD, it appears.

This is despite the fact that many citizens believe the Dail is no place for an individual who knowingly underdeclared millions in VAT.

But, beyond words, there is little the Dail can do to censure the tax defaulting deputy.

Much is being made of a possible Government plan to bring a motion of censure against Wallace.

Given the current Fine Gael and Labour majority, it would easily be passed.

If so the Dail could call on Wallace to resign.

But, like Michael Lowry, who was censured by the Dail last year, Wallace cannot be forced to quit his seat.

He can remain in the Dail as a tax-defaulting TD until the next election.

Such a situation undermines our national parliament.