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Victims need the full truth on bombing

ON this day 40 years ago three bombs ripped through the heart of Dublin city. Another bomb went off in Monaghan town.

Thirty-four people including an unborn baby lost their lives that day.

Three hundred were injured - some physically and psychologically scarred for life.

The victims and their families have never learned the full truth of what happened.

They are now suing the British state over alleged collusion in the atrocity, which was blamed on the Ulster Volunteer Force.

Thankfully, the conflict that spilled over the border on that terrible afternoon has all but ended and the healing process - however difficult - has begun.

Now, as we remember those who were caught up in the horror on Dublin and Monaghan’s streets, it’s past time that the full story about the darkest day of the Troubles in the South is revealed - so that they can start healing too.