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Unlucky parents set to be collared for yet another new Irish rugby jersey


Paul O'Connell, Rob Kearney and Jack McGrath model the new jersey

Paul O'Connell, Rob Kearney and Jack McGrath model the new jersey

Paul O'Connell, Rob Kearney and Jack McGrath model the new jersey

I'm more of a collars person myself.

 As in, on a top. On both men and women. I think they sort of finish off the rig-out. Not having collars on a T-shirt or sports top makes me believe you are five or work in the fast food industry. It's just neater. In the A to Z of fashion transgressions, tops without them are up there with socks with sandals.

The new Ireland jersey for the Rugby World Cup was unveiled this week. It's tight. Some might say "unforgiving". Fine if you're Paul O Connell. (Though Sean O'Brien looks like he needs to exhale in the promotion picture.) Not so fine if you're a typical rugby supporter who likes a pint. It's simple, though, and collarless. Well, there's a white trim. Nothing like what, say, Donal Lenihan, might have worn. Maybe it's my age, that I fondly remember the '90s and early 2000s when the collar was de rigueur.


However, more of note, is the fact that this new kit is out less than 10 months after the last new kit was unveiled - and this one costs almost €88. When the Rugby World Cup is over in a few months, the team will wear another 'new' jersey for the 6 Nations.

However, if Three Mobile don't renew their sponsorship then fans will be looking at yet another new top.

Now, it's all high tech and all that. But what is "adaptive fabrication"? Helps stop you sweat? It was developed through "position-specific 3D body-mapping", but who knows what that means? But kids are kids and if their pals are getting the new kit (€65 for youngsters), there's no doubt that they'll want one too.

It's easy to say "Just say no", but sometimes pester power or the desire to make sure your child is not left out is overwhelming.

I know I'll be sticking with an ancient, collared, non-logo top I wear for all Ireland matches. If you do shell out for the kit, at least you'll watch the Rugby World Cup for free on TV3 this autumn.