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Two years on and killers still at large

A CANDLELIT vigil was held last night for slain garda detective Adrian Donohoe at the credit union where he was callously murdered.

Adrian's widow, two children, friends and colleagues are still waiting for the criminal gang responsible to be brought to justice.

Much maligned over recent controversies, every serving member of An Garda Siochana puts their life on the line when they go to work or complete their duties.

The gun attack in Louth and those who have fallen before Adrian are a harrowing testament to the perils of upholding law and order in our Republic.

The culprits behind the gun attack hide behind foreign borders. They have been on the run since the murder unable to acknowledge their role or guilt.

It is beholden on the State that they are held accountable for the events of January 25, 2013 in Lordship, Co Louth.

This country remains in debt to the memory of Adrian Donohoe.