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TV experience? Check. Good language skills? ... Maybe not

FFive years ago, TV3 went through the relatively expensive process of making a reality TV show, Total Xposure, as a means of finding a new presenter for Xposé. And at the end of the two-month quest, they came up with its first male presenter, Sean Munsanje.

This year, they decided to save some cash, and simply phoned up its second male presenter, Cork native Peter O'Riordan to offer him the job.

Peter Who?, you may ask. As did just about everyone at TV3's Autumn Schedule launch yesterday because, apart from being very easy on the eye, nobody seemed to know the first thing about him.

The reason for that is quite simple. Peter has been working in the US for celebrity news website TMZ.

So, while being well-versed with the business, he has been keeping a low profile. And while he came across particularly well at his unveiling, an interview he gave with one of the newspapers straight after is a slight cause for concern.


Because when asked about his decision to join TV3, Peter commented: "I will give nothing less than my blood, sweat and tears in ensuring Xposé staves its meteoric rise and beyond." A sentence which, well, makes absolutely no sense.

O'Riordan has, admittedly, been living in the US for a few years. So perhaps some of the money that TV3 saved in hiring him might be invested in re-acquainting Peter with the English language?