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Tried & Tested

Whether you're going for a full-on cat-eye red carpet look, or simply something to define your lash line, a black eyeliner does the job. Or does it...

HOURGLASS 1.5MM Mechanical Gel Eye Liner (right)

€38 ***

1.5mm equals super, super skinny. This is terrific for lining very, very close to the lash line. I found it to be a tiny bit too smudgy, and for a such a little line, I got rather a big panda look when I used it on my waterline. Suits your inner rock chick, for sure. That price is for a pack of three, so it'll last you ages.

BUTTER LONDON Wink Eye Pencil in Union Jack Black

€23RRP *

OMG talk about smudgy. This was all over my eye area in - ha, ha - a blink of said eyes. It is very black, which is great on contact. All day? Not so much.

MAYBELLINE NEW YORK Eyestudio Master Graphic Eyeliner (below)

€8.99 ****

Fun! It's like a big, fat, black magic marker, only you draw on your eyelids! This goes on so easily, and so quickly, it'll make you the boss of the flicky cat-eye. It also mainly stays put: a tiny touch-up was required during the day, but for use at night, this will be your new BFF.

BENEFIT they're real! push-up liner (below)

€25 **

This works great if you go to the Benefit Boutique on South William Street and have one of their make-up pros apply it. I tried and tried, but the found the whole thing awkward. You dial up the product so it comes out on a brush, but the little blob that you're left with doesn't glide on well at all. Too hard to use all on my own.

NYX Felt Tip Pen Eyeliner

€10.99 *****

Loved this! The applicator is perfectly pointy, but there's also enough heft to it that you can get a fat line if you want one. Its staying power is fantastic! This is built like a premium brand eye pen, but is priced very competitively.