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Tragic case of locked-in victim David

THE PLIGHT of "locked in" 33-year-old David Garvey is truly heartbreaking. He has lain completely motionless in his Beaumont Hospital bed for the past 14 months.

His condition means the only parts of his body he is able to move are his eyes.

In an emotional letter, published in the Herald today, David has pleaded with the HSE to find the funds to allow him be treated at home.

One section reads: "Imagine when you open your eyes the first thing you see is a ceiling, you will see that same ceiling for the next few hours until a nurse comes and moves your head. Your next view is a wall with a mirror and sink."

David and his family were of the belief that funding was close to being approved to take him home but this has proved not to be the case.

The Dundalk man's family are now begging the HSE to find the monies to bring him home.

Can it be done?