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Tough times for Enda, with more forecast

THE past few weeks have proven to be tough times for the Coalition - and the forecast for the coming days doesn't promise to be any brighter.

Just when Enda Kenny's troops were preparing to sell the message about how tomorrow's budget would finally put money back in peoples' pockets, Fine Gael went out and shot themselves in the foot by sparking the John McNulty cronyism row.

Events over the weekend have added to their woes. Two by-elections were held and neither Government party managed to mount a real challenge.

On top of all that, thousands took to the capital to protest over water charges which took all in the Coalition by surprise.

With one eye on recovery and a wary eye on the next General Election - which may yet arrive within a year - the Government need to ensure that Budget 2015 is not an attempt to win over a waning electorate, but a clear and concise plan for further recovery.