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'Tis the season ... for ignoring those who force Christmas on us in August

Happy Valentine's Day. A little previous?

Well, that's the way we roll with celebrations and holidays these days. You see the Brown Thomas Christmas shop is almost ready. And it's August 22.

Between now and the big day we have the return to school, the All-Ireland hurling final, the All-Ireland football final and Halloween.

We are an entire 124 days away from Christmas Day. A third of the year. They call it Christmas creep, when Christmas seems to arrive earlier each year.

Creep? More like jumps out and attacks you when you're least expecting it. The argument is that businesses are still struggling and that cities need an economic boost. Retailers also claim they're helping people 'budget' for the big day.

Now you don't expect us to buy that guff do you? Christmas in August doesn't equal joy to the world. It means pester power for months. And just try reasoning with four-year-olds.


We can expect others to jump on the corporate greed bandwagon. Last year they had selection boxes in Tesco in September and Christmas jumpers in Penneys around about the same time.

I realise that some people really, really love the festive season and start planning for next year as soon as the tree is taken down on Little Christmas.

But when Christmas starts during the summer holidays, it's like being water-boarded with good tidings.

OK, so it won't kill you and there's a few who can handle it for a very short time - but it feels like torture for others. It's like a massive initial high, followed by a horrible Yuletide comedown crash.

I don't want to channel my inner Scrooge but on a scale of one to completely insane, Christmas in August is the latter. It doesn't jingle my bells. It's nuts. And not the spiced, festive kind.