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Tirade on Tubs a warped view

IIt's hard to be sure that the tirade of abuse directed at Ryan Tubridy, revealed in a newspaper yesterday as coming from artist Graham Knuttel, is genuine, or whether he is the victim of a fake Facebook account.

Because the alternative is that Knuttel is responsible for comments such as "Now Tubs, f**k off with yourself", along with "toothless worm" and "skinny halfwit" jibes. I suspect it's not genuine, based on the fact that the abuse only started a week ago, and if the real Knuttel has shown anything, it's that he does one thing and sticks to it for life.

After all, he's been producing the same angular, garishly-coloured paintings for the past 25 years.

ISay what you like about George Hook, but one thing is undeniable - he is living proof that it's never too late to re-invent yourself.

He's had a colourful career has our Hooky, working as a travelling salesman, rugby coach and boss of a catering company, all with varying lack of success. But at a time when most people would have sat around feeling sorry for themselves, George (60) forged himself a new career as a broadcaster, and his company's accounts reveal that he is now sitting on almost €1m.

Charm, fitness and good looks will get you so far. But talent and perseverance, as shown by Hooky, will get you further.