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Time to tackle rampaging criminals

An innocent woman has been killed through no fault of her own.

Diana Harton's life ended when an uninsured 18-year-old car with a gang of burglars on board smashed into her on the M7 motorway.

Diana would have been 44 next month but instead her friends and family are preparing for her funeral.

No words can express their loss. And it seems few words can express the anger felt across at how she lost her life.

Quite simply, An Garda Siochana do not have the resources to deal with these marauding gangs.

These criminals realise they have a number of factors in their favour. Gardai are under-resourced and their personnel are stretched to cover large regions in ill-equipped vehicles which should be consigned to scrap yards. Three of the gang were out on bail for robbery and burglary offences.

Time for Justice Minister Frances Fitzgerald to take action.

Are Fine Gael a party of law and order or just branded as such?