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Time to put your feet up and enjoy these in-between days

So, Christmas is over. Santa has been and gone, the presents have been opened and you're done with the last of the turkey and stuffing sandwiches.

You're in the 'in-between' bit when it feels likes everyone is aimlessly hanging around waiting for the New Year festivities to kick off. It's what I like to call 'crimbo limbo'.

How you deal with this period all depends on your circumstances and your life stage. Some people have to work through, of course, so it's business as usual for them.

Others are driven to distraction by the boredom of these 'dead days' and are sucked into sales shopping, even though their credit cards are maxed out and they vowed on Christmas Eve that they never wanted to see the inside of a store ever again.

Others, like me, relish these days so they can do...absolutely nothing.

Throughout the year, I sometimes want the world to stop so I can get off, and this is the week when it feels like my Fairy Godmother miraculously grants me that wish. Everything grinds to a halt for a blessed while and it's almost like a parallel universe opens up.


The kids are on holidays so there are no school runs to do, no lunches to be made, no homework to be done and no after-school activities to schedule.

Unlike the summer holidays when the weeks can stretch terrifyingly into the future, making you sometimes wonder if normal service will ever be resumed, the Christmas break is nicely defined. It's long enough to be totally relaxing and short enough not to have you tearing your hair out.

At the back of your mind, you know that the new year and its packed calendar are looming just around the corner and that this is your last chance to catch your breath and regroup before the craziness begins again.

This is exactly why I love these golden days and am always determined to make the very most of them...in the most slovenly way possible.

Is there anything better than stepping off the hamster wheel of life? You wake up in the morning and know that you have absolutely nothing to do and all day to do it.

You can stay in your pyjamas until lunchtime if you want to. You can eat sherry trifle leftovers for breakfast. The most strenuous activity you have to undertake is shuffling from the living room to the kitchen to find the last selection box.


No, you wouldn't act like this at any other time of the year and, yes, it's probably very bad for you, but ditch the guilt because behaving this way is completely permissible this week.

You can make your 'new you' resolutions in a few days. Forget about the pressure until then, I say.

Yes, take some long walks to stave off cabin fever but make sure you cuddle up on the sofa to watch old movies with the family too.

I wouldn't advocate being a couch potato at any other time of the year, but it doesn't really count this week - 'crimbo limbo' is sort of like going to Las Vegas, what happens there stays there.

There are no rules. Even the shameful all-in-one fleece slanket that you never thought you'd actually wear is allowed.

I make the most of it because I know that, all too soon, the kids will have flown the nest and these lazy carefree days when we watched Home Alone on a loop will be nothing but a distant memory.

So, take my advice and cuddle up with your nearest and dearest for a little longer. It's not too often you can freeze time - do it now while you still can.