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Time to put a question to ex-TD Ivan

Two years ago, Ivan Yates filed for bankruptcy in the UK following the collapse of his Celtic Bookmakers business.

Arguing that he had simply made some bad business decisions rather than, as was the case with many bankers, lined his own pockets at the taxpayer's ultimate expense, Yates assured us that his comments then would be "the last on the matter".

It seems that a politician's ability to revise history has not eluded Ivan, however, as this month sees the publication of his memoirs, in which Yates again reveals his bitterness at the way banks treated him, and their lack of sympathy.


Despite quitting politics back in 2002, at the age of 42, Ivan has never really left it behind. Despite voluntarily walking away from the Dail, he has continued to draw a TD and ministerial pension ever since, pocketing hundreds of thousands of euro for a job he no longer does, all at the taxpayer's expense.

If Ivan is so keen to move on from the past and rages against his banks for refusing to do so, then why is he happy to keep lining his pockets, at the taxpayer's expense, from something he stopped doing well over a decade ago?

Ivan is appearing at various book signings this week.

Maybe someone would like to put that question to him...