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Time is relative Liz, particularly if you've spent some of it at RTE

I'm delighted to hear that former Off the Rails presenter Liz Bonnin is continuing to carve out a career on TV across the Irish Sea, albeit a niche one as the host of science shows.

In perhaps her biggest move yet, she is now set to co-present How the Earth Works, which goes out on Discovery Science this week and will be seen across the world.

Liz is also something of an expert on animal conservation, having fronted shows about various endangered species, and even collecting a Cosmopolitan Women of the Year Award last year for her TV work on the subject.

Strangely enough, however, while her personal website devotes plenty of space to her animal, science and nature-related oeuvre, it makes no mention of her earlier incarnations.

Under her "television work" it omits to mention her time on RTE working on The Den and Off the Rails, or even on BBC, when she briefly co-presented Top of the Pops.


None of these are shows about which one should be embarrassed - both The Den and Off the Rails were hugely popular at the time that Liz was a presenter - and Top of the Pops is one of the most instantly recognisable shows ever to air on UK television.

One could understand such a Stalinist approach to her past if Liz were keen to drop what might be perceived as the frippery of her youth and project a more mature persona. The problem with this theory is that it conflicts with Liz's apparent refusal to age in the physical sense.

Early last year one newspaper stated she was 36. She was still 36 when interviewed in the Sunday World last weekend.

As another great sciencific brain - Einstein - put it time indeeed appears to be relative.