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Tiger's back with €69 plate

SSigns that Celtic Tiger prosperity is back, no 183: Brown Thomas have announced a makeover for their in-store restaurant, having linked up with renowned restaurateur, Patrick Guilbaud, owner of a two-star Michelin establishment on Merrion Street. Will Monsieur Guilbaud be shaving the truffles in BTs each day? Will he at least send some of his staff to coat their famous Challans duck for two in honey? Well, no actually. He has apparently "inspired" the menu, which is being created by the Kylemore Group, who run the restaurant and cook the food, but can now charge an eye-watering €69 for a large seafood platter, with lobster, oysters and prawns. Sounds like the recovery on a plate.

IIn an effort to restore confidence following the announcement of a stg£250m (€319m) hole in their latest accounts, Tesco's bosses have come up with a plan called "Feet on the Floor", which requires senior employees to work a day every fortnight in stores between now and Christmas. This may sound like a daring, innovative move to get back in touch with their customers, except for one small thing. Feargal Quinn was doing it 30 years ago in Superquinn, and he didn't just order those under him to pound the aisles. Feargal did it himself, six days a week, every week of the year. It seems like, 30 years on, Tesco has still a lot to learn from Super Quinn...