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Tiff makes final cut for list of maybes

Sspeaking of Paddy Power's odds on who might become Rory McIlroy's next girlfriend, the list of candidates makes for extraordinary reading, and will make for particularly difficult reading for one fledgling starlet. The 32 prospects range from the obvious Nadia Forde (4/1), the conveniently single (and short) Louise Johnston (25/1), up to the utterly perfect Tiffany Stanley (50/1). The last of these, despite being single, compatibly-sized and living in the US where Rory spends most of his time, has longer odds than four already married or engaged women. All of which can only mean one thing. Either Paddy Power put no thought whatsoever into their list, or Tiffany Stanley is the forgotten girl of Irish society. Hang on, maybe it means both things...

Ddonald Trump has re-ignited his feud with Sean O'Rourke, referring to the RTE presenter as "an asshole", simply because he had the temerity to question him about his extraordinary hairstyle when he visited Ireland earlier this year. Trump may be an astute investor - he got the Doonbeg resort for a bargain €9m - but judging by his absurd exaggerations and laughable vanity, there was only one asshole in the room when he met Sean O'Rourke. It was the guy with the ridiculous, comical hair.