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Three questions to find the perfect man


EXPERTS from global dating website OK Cupid recently revealed that asking three simple questions could help determine whether a couple have the potential to last the distance.

These are: "Do you like horror movies?", "Have you ever travelled around another country alone?" and "Wouldn't it be fun to chuck it all away and go live on a sailboat?"

These questions would never work in a potential Irish dating scenario. But what would? What are the magic three questions that ensure he's right for you (and that you're not wasting your time)?

As someone who has dated Irish men, here's my three.

Every Irish woman knows that from the moment she starts dating a new man, The Mammy will be waiting in the wings. You may have temporarily captivated him with your perky boobs, treacherous red lipstick and glossy hair, but she's there, quietly biding her time to re-establish her place as the No1 woman in his life.

If you shriek at him for dumping his underpants on the floor beside the laundry basket, or kick him to the sofa for poking you awake in the hope of some action after a night out with the lads, he will always be assured of a sympathetic ear and a soothing cup of tea chez Mammy.

Not that he will tell her those fine details, of course, but once she knows that you've upset her baby boy, she'll settle down to wait in the long grass before taking you down.

I once dated a man whose very religious mother hated me on sight, and visits to her house were peppered with a slew of murderous glances in my direction.

Once she actually flung herself on her knees in front of her tiny home altar covered with statues and candles and began muttering fervent prayers, presumably urging the Lord to save her beloved boy from the clutches of the wanton heathen in the room. Needless to say, we quickly broke up.

This answer will help you to work out how your social life might pan out. Actually, if he's a sports fan and you're not, that can be a problem.

If you've learned all you know about rugby from Ross O'Carroll-Kelly and you know that nice BOD fella and Amy Huberman have a very cute baby, incorporating a fanatical sports fan's schedule into your weekend might play havoc with your chi-chi lifestyle.

If he prefers to spend his free time over a feed of pints in Kehoe's or The Big Tree and expects you to freeze your backside off in the Aviva or Croke Park while wearing a terrible jersey, your relationship is probably on Skid Row.

If he eschews both in favour of Man U's Wayne Rooney, then Houston, we just might have a problem.

Stick to these three questions and you can't go wrong on the hunt for the right Irish man.