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These online bullies must be stopped

THE entire country remains in a state of shock at the death of 13-year-old Erin Gallagher. The young schoolgirl took her own life after being bullied on social networking sites.

Erin's death came a month after 15-year-old Leitrim girl Ciara Pugsley ended her own life. She was also bullied online.

There is no doubt that social networking has made it easier for bullies to target their victims. It is vitally important that strategies are publicised to deal with this menace.

Young people are advised not to respond to bullying incidents online and to tell a parent or trusted adult about the abuse.

Child psychologist David Coleman has pointed that bullying online can be easy to prove and that a record should be kept of messages posted.

His programme on teen bullying, Bullyproof, is set to air tonight and should be required viewing for children and parents.