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There's no silly hats, solo career or stupid dating - that's why we love Niall


Niall Horan

Niall Horan

Niall Horan

Niall Horan. Who'd have thought the cute little fella from Mullingar would be a global heartthrob?

Who'd have imagined that the blond-haired singer who auditioned for The X Factor as a kid would some years later have tabloids writing stories about Ariana Grande leaving his house early in the morning after a party there?

There is something about this guy that everyone loves and I get it.

Recently Niall was a guest on the ITV sports quiz show Play To The Whistle. Guests on these panel shows can often be left looking total idiots, as they try to compete with the more seasoned contributors or even worse, try to be funnier.

But Niall has a laid-back confidence about him. He doesn't mind others ribbing him. He's happy to chip in. And when someone else is funny he bursts out laughing. He's just one of the lads.


He's not as self conscious as the other One Directioners. You wont see him wearing a stupid hat like Harry, or dating an oul one, like Harry. There's no comb-over like Louis, and he won't have be having any Twitter spats like Liam. And he won't be taking any time out soon for a solo career - Niall Horan knows he has a good thing going on.

He is living his life and loving every second.

Even when he's out caddying for Rory McIlroy he's not too cool for school. The poor fella falls over in front of the camera, picks himself up and laughs with all the others who are laughing at him.

Well actually, they're laughing with him.

So even though some were surprised that the gorgeous American superstar Ariana Grande was papped after a night with Niall, I could totally see her having the best fun. He probably made her laugh. He probably laughed at himself.

The craic would have been mighty.

He might not be the best looking guy in One Direction, he might not have the best voice, but Niall is getting all the girls and I can see why.