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The slump's over, the economy's performing better ... and so are Irish men





Did you know that the HSE has spent €57m on erectile dysfunction medicines since 2009?

Up until last year, the figure was rising every year as men around Ireland got that little bit of help from the blue tablet. But in 2014 there was a drop - in the take-up of the drugs that is. Prescriptions of products such as Viagra and Levitra fell by 10pc compared to 2013.

I wonder what has caused this slump?

Erectile dysfunction is the inability of a man to keep an erection and have sexual intercourse. According to healthline.com the five common causes of impotence are endocrine diseases, neurological and nerve disorders, taking medications, cardiac-related conditions and finally lifestyle factors/emotional disorders.


I am not aware that there has been any major improvement in Ireland recently in the first four causes.

So I'm thinking (with my amateur psychotherapist's cap on), is there a correlation between the economy picking up and rates of erectile dysfunction flagging?

There is no doubt about it, the best sex is relaxed sex. That's why many of us like a little tipple or two before we get down to business. If there are any distractions - from a bill that needs to be paid to a wasp banging its head against the window - the task just gets harder.

With the outlook looking brighter for Ireland - more jobs and more money - the distractions that we face are perhaps reducing. And one area where this may benefit us all, even if it's not immediately apparent, is in the bedroom.

Will economic growth equate to steady growth elsewhere? This amateur therapist bets her bottom dollar it will!