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The price of Lena's advice? That's $3.6m

LLena Dunham has finally unveiled her new book - a collection of essays and advice titled, Not That Kind of Girl: A Young Woman Tells You What She's Learned. The 28-year-old Girls creator, writer and actor has some good advice that Irish women might want to take on board. Like how to spot a jerk, for example. Don't be a doormat. Own your own style. Don't let them steal your sunshine. Discover whom you want to be. Make your voice heard. She's also forthcoming on how to win friends and be a good boss. Now Lena, any advice on how you net a $3.6m advance on a book?

IImagine what a world without breast cancer would be like. It's Pinktober so think pink and join the fight. Hopefully our government will think pink and live up to its promises of rolling out screening for women between 65 and 69 too.

SSingle-use plastic bags are now officially illegal in California. Starting in July 2015, plastic bags will disappear from supermarkets and a year later, from convenience stores and pharmacies. The question isn't why ban them, but what's next?