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The Pope deserves a smackdown for remarks on slapping children


Pope Francis

Pope Francis

Pope Francis

I was out with a friend the other day and she got a bit outrageous. She was annoying and aggravating and overstepping the line.

So I slapped her. A short sharp whack to her face. She stopped and we just got on with things.

But we're used to this. She slaps me too. When she thinks I am misbehaving or being 'bold' she just takes me to the side and slaps my face.

She will do it anywhere. In a pub, at home, in the shopping centre. Just when she feels I am not doing as I am told - whack.

Oh, she makes sure that I still have my dignity and we constantly say to each other "it never does us any harm".

You see we are smackers, and we support smacking people. Geddit?


Ok, you've guessed it. I don't smack anyone and no-one smacks me.

They didn't as a child and they certainly don't as an adult.

I read recently what the Pope said in relation to disciplining children. A father had told the Pontiff that, on occasions ,he had smacked his children.

The Pope's response was to say that it was OK to punish them, as long as it wasn't on the face and the child wasn't humiliated. Hold on. Here's the dealio. There should not be acceptance of any act of violence, against adults or children.

For too long in this country punishment was doled out to the young vulnerable wards of the Church and State.

A slap in the wrong hands led to a punch, a kick, a lash or a beating.

All levels of violence went on and slapping was probably the very first step.

When people say "it never hurt me", I like to say, "I'm delighted for you. But it hurt thousands of others".

No parent or adult should ever hit a child. Ever. Full stop.