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'The nuns enquired if we'd come to read the meters'


Eamonn Ceannt

Eamonn Ceannt

Eamonn Ceannt

Those who fought at Marrowbone Lane and the South Dublin Union hospital gave these accounts to the Bureau of Military History.

During the time we were trying to knock down the gate we were practically attacked by the rabble in Bow Lane... 'Leave down your f***ing rifles,' they shouted, 'and we'll beat the s*** out of you'
- Thomas MacCarthy

On entering the convent one of the nuns who opened the door enquired from me if we had come to read the gas meters - Peadar Doyle Each night of the week Eamonn Ceannt and Cathal Brugha called all the men together, gave a short account of what had happened during the day, rosary was recited and prayers said, and all retired for the night
- Joseph Dolan

I never slept one single hour of that whole week. Once the first two days passed I never thought of sleep, just lived without sleep and never thought of it
- Thomas Doyle

Fogarty lighted his pipe when near a window. F. Burke leaned across...to light his cigarette...and presented an easy target to a British soldier in the hospital across the roadway. F. Burke fell, with a bullet through the left side of his neck
- James Coughlan

On Sunday a Franciscan priest from Church Street came into view. He was carrying a white flag and was accompanied by two British officers...He asked for Eamonn Ceannt. What took place, I do not know. Shortly after the priest's departure....Ceannt told us that arrangements for a surrender had been made
- Michael Lynch