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The name is Bowe, Karl Bowe


Karl Bowe

Karl Bowe

Karl Bowe

As if to prove that Ireland's female models don't have a monopoly over dreams of making it big in Hollywood, Mr Ireland Karl Bowe is talking up his chances of being the next big thing.

Last Friday, Karl, a veteran of such works as the Cheerio's Panto and RTE 2's The Centre, talked about his small role in TV3's Red Rock, and also looked forward to his appearance on ITV dating show Take Me Out the following night.

Of Red Rock, Karl said: "The producer said I did a pretty good job and that there is a possibility they might bring me back into the show again."

Not one to rest on his laurels, Karl was preparing for Take Me Out as the next step on his plan for stardom. "I didn't go on the show to look for a date or to find love, I did it for the exposure and publicity and get onto the UK market," he revealed.

"Hollyoaks would be ideal. Coronation Street...I would get to be the next Keith Duffy."

And such is Karl's confidence that within 24 hours that dream had morphed into something somewhat loftier. "People might think it is so far-fetched but I'd love to play James Bond one day," he said.

Far-fetched? Not in the slightest, Karl. As we all know, Sean Connery started out in panto, and Daniel Craig was a regular on TV dating shows.

Yes, I'm sure that's right...