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The last flight of Orville and Keith

"I wish I could fly way up to the sky but I can't. You can. I can't."

He couldn't really. How could he? Orville had Keith's hand stuffed up him - he was going nowhere. He certainly didn't leave our TV screens for much of the 1980s. But we didn't care - Keith and Orville were a hit team, the comedy duo who sang silly songs and made us laugh. Orville even had a hit with his 'wish I could fly' song - and you'd be surprised how many people still remember how it goes. Sadly, Keith Harris passed away last week, which means Orville is gone too. I'm sure a few people felt nostalgic when they heard the news. The pair were old school entertainment, innocent fun, the stuff of the Palladium. RIP Keith and Orville.