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The holiday was great, but as always the cost of eating out left a sour taste

What makes a good pizza? And what makes a rotten one? For me, a rotten pizza is one that costs over €10.

I was thinking of the price of a pizza last week, as I ate one on the Cala d'Or region of Majorca. I was doing the typical Irish moan "we are sooooo ripped off in Ireland" as I was totting up.

Pizza dough - a few cents. Tomato sauce - a few cents. Cheese - maybe 50 cents. And pepperoni - say €1. So all for well under €2. In Cala d'Or I was happy to pay the €7. A nice profit for the owner.

Then I came back to Ireland and went into moan mode. Whatever about the price of wine and the tax that is added, I cannot comprehend how cheap food is so bloody expensive here.

A pepperoni pizza for €12.30? One at another spot in town is €15.00?

Dough, tomato sauce, cheese and pepperoni would not differ hugely in prices between Majorca and here. So why do we still accept the ludicrous prices in this country compared to anywhere else?


When I lived in London, the local restaurants had reasonable prices. Starters at £4, mains at £7. People got great food, it was still a treat and they came back again and again, without breaking the bank.

The sad thing about the prices here, is that we just continue to pay them. I spoke to Rosa, who looked after the apartment complex in Majorca, when I was leaving.

She said she had never been to Dublin. I told her she had to come, that she would love it but that it was extremely expensive.

She laughed when I told her the price of a simple pizza, and I could tell she wouldn't be rushing over.

So that's my holiday moan over and done with. It sounds like old news and it's been done to death. But I still get hacked off that we are paying over the odds for some things that should be as cheap as chips, or a pepperoni pizza.