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The dos and don'ts of first dates

Jill McGrath, MD of maybefriends.com gives her advice

"When organising a first date, make sure it is in a setting where it is okay if it is cut short. Go for a coffee, or somewhere that you can politely leave after half an hour if things aren't working out.

"Think about what conversations you're going to have beforehand. From a woman's point of view, be on top of sports, such as who won what over the weekend. From a guy's point of view, maybe get to grips with the latest reality TV shows.

"Be very careful about your alcohol intake if you're going to a bar or restaurant. You want to find out what they are like, not what their drunken self is like. A first date is not a time to go on the tear.

"Be polite, even if you know you'll never see them again. It's fair that both people walk away knowing where they stand, so tell them you had a very nice time, but you won't be taking it any further. Saying, 'thanks very much, hope to see you around' sends a very clear signal that you won't be seeing them next week, or the week after.