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That old number sounds a bit tired, John


John Connors.

John Connors.

John Connors.

John Delaney has attracted an unusual, and perhaps unwanted, piece of support following the commotion over his singing of a rebel song in a Dublin pub.

Three months ago, John Connors was just another jobbing actor.

But now, courtesy of his high profile stint as bomb-making traveller Patrick in Love/Hate, he is a commentator on the day's big issues.

Raising a jaundiced eye at the criticism that Delaney has attracted, Connors took to Facebook to suggest an alternate perception of John's misdemeanour.


This was based on a historical appreciation of our musical heritage, a profound understanding of the trauma that was necessary in the creation of the Free State, and a rapier-like dissection of the nuances of dissenting opinions.

Or, to put it in John's words: "It's a rebel song, so what? Big f**king deal. This country was built on rebel songs - anyone with half a brain that's not brainwashed by British propaganda and Irish Angloism knows that."

Bearing in mind the insight that this offers into his thought-process, may we respectfully suggest that, while Connors was very convincing as a pipe bomb-making Traveller, perhaps he should leave sociological analysis to others?