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Thanks, Dara - it looks like I'm easily wound-up


Dara O Se

Dara O Se

Dara O Se

I was surprised and disappointed to read comments made in a newspaper column by Dara O Se (above) as I have tremendous respect for him as a great footballer and a kind and decent person.

In the article, he seems to be condoning the so called practice of sledging - winding up opponents.

He was referring specifically on how to contain the glorious skills of Dublin senior county footballer Diarmuid Connelly. Dara suggested that Diarmuid might have to have his tail pulled (sledging).

This type of behaviour is not part of Kerry footballing culture.

I mentioned the interview to an acquaintance. He told me I was naive.

He recounted an incident in the 1985 All-Ireland football final between Dublin and Kerry when the teams were standing to attention for our national anthem and Kerry legend Paidi O Se gave Joe McNally a kick-up the arse.

On reflection, maybe I am naive.