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Talent shows like this hit all the right notes

I I have never laughed so much as at The Singer Takes It All on Channel 4. I heard the new voting app was a bit of a disaster on the first show, but last Friday's episode was bloody hilarious. What with the stage moving back and forward, Alan Carr just having a laugh, the words of the songs coming up on the screen, it was like having karaoke in your own home, with the option of voting off the rubbish singers. I didn't know if the world needed another talent show. Well, it needs this one.

TThree cheers for the Kerry coroner Terence Casey, who had the intelligence and common sense to criticise the Government's decision to issue shortened death certificates, omitting suicide as the cause. Suicide is not shameful. The more we highlight such tragedies the more we will learn. And what is knowledge? Power. The bereaved families cannot suffer pain any more devastating than the effects of the act itself. We cannot tamper with our history and that which happens every day, for good and for bad. We must record it. The truth should not be 'photoshopped'.

IIt's wonderful to see Irish actors doing so well around the world. One who fully deserves her success is Monaghan actor Charlene McKenna. Not only is she back with Ripper Street, but she will be appearing on Broadway in March. Here's hoping Charlene steals the show.