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Taking selfie obsession to the next level

SSo now there's now a term for a group selfie. It's an 'usie', pronounced uss-ee and rhyming with fussy (so now you know). There are countless variations on the theme it appears, including 'twofie,' 'threefie,' etc. But the term 'usie' is so new and obscure that it wasn't around to describe the famous group selfie of Ellen DeGeneres and other celebrities last March at the Oscars. This got me thinking. What's a word to describe group of Hollywood A listers? How about an 'ego' of celebs?

Iif you've a spare €7 or so, you could watch Sarah Palin's new channel. It's the American school of news - that's where you get paid to tell people exactly what they want to hear rather than what they should hear. And you get a few free hunting tips thrown in too. You're all right thanks, Sarah. I'd rather not get my news from America's so called mom-in-chief, who apparently didn't know that Africa was a continent.

I I see that the PSNI is offering flip-flops to high-heeled women walking home from a night out, to ensure they get home safely. So getting home safely appraently means not falling over and breaking your ankle? Because running in flip-flops ain't easy. You wouldn't get far running away from someone. And I thought that a stiletto was meant to be a good self defence weapon?