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Sweet dreams weren't made of this pairing


Hozier and Annie Lennox

Hozier and Annie Lennox

Hozier and Annie Lennox

II READ that Annie Lennox wasn't that gone on the idea of singing with Hozier at the Grammys. I can understand why. The duet didn't work, especially with Take Me To Church. Just because you are harmonizing in a major third, doesn't necessarily mean it will work. Sorry Hozier, you still rock!

SSo Valentine's Day is coming around again. The day of joy for lovers, the day of misery for many others. How do you like to spend yours? This year, I shall be watching 15 big muscley men run around a field, throwing each other in the air and locking shoulders in a brutal battle. Oh, how times have changed...

KKanye West must be a megalomaniac. Yet again he stormed the Grammy stage and yet again he went off on one about how the wrong person won an award. It was the singer Beck's turn this year. Canny Kanye thought his mate Beyonce should have won. Show up at an awards bash and are snubbed? Give Kanye a call!