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Susan Daly: Why Brad back with Jen is the fairytale we all want

IT'S the ending we've all been hoping for -- Brad 'n' Jen might be getting back together.

Or they might not.

It all depends on whether you believe reports that Brad Pitt has been rowing in public with lover Angelina Jolie, or their representatives' assurances that everything is fine. I think most of us would choose to believe that it wasn't.

Hollywood's most famous love triangle has been getting a little juicier these past few weeks with tales of screaming rows and flying insults. We're fine with that. If the cracks are showing chez Brangelina, it's only what we've been expecting.

It doesn't matter how many kids Angelina adopts, or how many humanitarian trips she takes: in our eyes, she's still the woman who took Jennifer Aniston's man away. She's the maneater who seduced the Golden Prince away from the Girl Next Door.

We can relate to Jennifer in her casual uniform of cargo pants, tank top and flip-flops. She's richer than we are, better groomed and more successful. But she's got an approachable quality to her -- we feel that with a lucky break, a personal trainer and the right stylist, her kind of beauty is attainable.

Angelina, on the other hand, is like a character from Avatar. Those outsized cheekbones and lips, the impossibly long limbs -- she's from Planet Amazon. How can a normal Earth-bound woman relate to -- or compete with -- that?

When she and Brad began working together on Mr and Mrs Smith -- while he was still married to Jen -- it was like watching a puma take down a gazelle.

When she mortally injured Jen, we felt like she was twisting the knife in all of normal womankind. Jen was the lucky gal who married her prince in a fairytale wedding. The fact that she didn't get her happy ending betrays us all.

And yet she remained dignified and silent on the whole affair -- something that made us root for her even more. The only time she deigned to comment was over Angelina's remarks about her children being able to watch their mum and dad fall in love when they watched Mr and Mrs Smith on DVD. "Uncool," said Jennifer. "Cow," said the rest of us.


Even despite the rainbow collection of children, we've never quite believed in the Brangelina union. The matching square jaws are too much. It might be unfair to Angelina but we can't get away from the thought that Brad's really a nice boy who has had a spell cast over him. He might wake up and come to his senses any day now.

It doesn't help that half the channels on TV still run Friends on a loop, seven years after the show ended. Jen's link to Pitt is like her character Rachel's to Ross. They might date other people, he might go off with another woman, but the script stays the same -- they are meant to be together.

Of course we all know how Friends ended: Ross and Rachel finally reunited. We know it's bad to wish Brangelina ill when there are now so many children involved, but we can't help it. We want Brad 'n' Jen to have a happy ending.