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Surely mentalist Keith should have seen radio snub coming?

KEITH Barry possesses some extraordinary skills, but common sense doesn't seem to be one of them.

Travelling to Cork last week to promote his tour, he made an appearance on 96FM's morning show then hot-footed it to the rival Red FM studios to appear on Neil Prendeville's show. Prendeville, for the benefit of people outside Cork, caused a stir when he recently left 96FM after 20 years to join its fierce rivals – and 96FM launched a cheeky advertising campaign that took the mickey out of him.

And that's a job that Prendeville, as the passengers on an Aer Lingus flight from London to Cork will remember, usually likes to do himself.

When he turned up at Red FM's studios, however, Keith was told that Prendeville no longer wished to interview him, presumably because he had just appeared on his previous show, and he felt that he was second-best.

Prendeville did himself no favours by not explaining the situation directly to Keith, instead sending out a researcher to break the bad news.

But neither did Keith cover himself in glory as he took to Twitter to air his disgust, going so far as to suggest that he would try to dissuade his "celebrity pals" from ever appearing on Prendeville's show.

One can understand Keith's annoyance, having driven down himself at the crack of dawn to appear on both shows.

But for someone who has dealt extensively with the media for the past decade, what exactly was he thinking?

Exclusives are what make shows successful, and Keith's comment that Red FM hadn't explicitly asked for an exclusive simply doesn't wash, nor does his revelation that he had been asked to appear on a second Red FM show on the same occasion.

The problem is not appearing on two shows on the same station, the problem is appearing on two shows that compete with each other, whose rivalry has been well documented in the papers in the past few weeks, and leaving Prendeville to feel that he was going to get the same material that Keith had already shared with 96FM.

If he had been booked to appear on Sean O'Rourke's RTE show and then legged it to the Newstalk studios for a chat with Pat Kenny, does he honestly think he'd have got a warm reception?

Keith makes a big deal about being able to read people's minds.

So how come he couldn't read Prendeville's?