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Support is last thing these girls need...

I, like most people with a pair of eyes and a pulse, have noticed the new Hunky Dorys ad campaign, featuring implausibly well-chested women pretending to play Gaelic football, with a series of tongue-in-cheek headlines.

And like most people with a sense of humour, and an appreciation for the nuances of mass marketing, I think they're a clever, harmless bit of fun.

But predictably enough the humourless killjoys who administer the GAA have hit out at the campaign, calling it "gratuitous and exploitative", and moaning that the coverage of Gaelic games should concentrate on "the skill and athleticism of the players".

Having got into trouble with the IRFU for their last campaign, when they claimed to be "proud sponsors of Irish rugby", I notice that Hunky Dorys tagline this time is that they are "proud supporters of Gaelic Football".

Which strikes me as an unnecessary change. After all, having examined the offending poster campaign in detail, it strikes me that increased support is the last thing these players need.