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Suite talk puts me in the penthouse

I've just moved into my new home -- the Clarence Hotel. I know, I'm really slumming it.

The funny thing is, I didn't realise how close my room was to the Kitchen nightclub so I went down to have a word about the music and they said, 'We'll have to do something about that for you' -- and gave me the Penthouse.

So the temptation to tuck into the mini-bar is very strong.

But to be honest, I have put an offer on a new two-bedroomed apartment in Cow's Lane in Temple Bar so it's fingers crossed that I'm going to get it, it's just gone to sale agreed.

I just fell in love with it as soon as I saw it. I did have a hard time getting a mortgage because of the nature of my business but I've been renting all my life, throwing away my money so I decided it was time to get my own place.

Sure at one stage, I was living with Brian Kennedy and another singer Niall Morris and that was a lot of fun -- lots of singing in that house, I can tell you.