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Suck it up, Bruton

THE only logical response to John "€140k-a-year pension" Bruton's sermon on sucking up the austerity is, "Suck it up yourself, John".

Here's what gets me about Bruton, pictured, right. He told the Eucharistic Congress last year it's important for politicians to bring their religion and values into their public work. But he'll only take a cut to his pension when other former Taoisigh do so.

Hold on. WWJD? What Would Jesus Do? Wait for Cowen or Ahern to act or send back the cheque? You know the answer. Save us the sermons and the cash, John. A true Christian leads by example.

• I don't know much about conditions for striking bus drivers, but I don't agree that public transport should be profitable. Helping people get from A to B without cars, quickly and cheaply, can't be accounted for in the annual reports of Bus Eireann or Irish Rail. It's good for everyone if we can get around easily and I'd tolerate losses if the service was good. I'm not saying the bus drivers are right, but a loss-making bus company can do a lot of public good.