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Stop the lights, there's a baby on board and you want us all to know

Notice how many 'Baby on Board' signs there seems to be on cars these days?

Is this because of a baby boom? Or just that an increasing number of parents have decided their offspring are the only ones that other drivers should worry about?

Well that's the point of such signs, isn't it? To warn other drivers to drive more carefully because your baby is in the car with you.

No matter that Granny is riding shotgun, feel free to rear end us because there's an adult in the car. Their life matters less.

But if there's a baby on board, well, now you have to drive with more care. Ageism, anyone?

There was once an urban myth that if you were in a car accident, emergency services were alerted to the fact that there was a baby in the car by the sign.


It beggars belief anyway that the emergency services would only check for children if instructed to do so by a 'Little Princess on Board' sticker. Either way half of drivers don't remove the sign when their baby isn't travelling with them.

It's now known that these signs can actually cause accidents. A Road Safety charity in the UK, Brake, found that 5pc of all drivers surveyed have been involved in an accident due to stickers and toys in car windows obscuring their view. That's one in 20 drivers.

One fertility problems website says people who have them are simply bragging about their fertility.

That's a fraction less harsh than the comedian George Carlin, who described 'Baby on Board' as 'the three most puke-inducing words that man has yet come up with'.

I disagree. He obviously hasn't seen the 'Little Dude on Board' or 'Little Miss Naughty on Board' ones.