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Star-struck by my latest Connection

vConnected, my new favourite television show, just keeps getting better and better. In fact, I bumped into Venetia's husband in a bar last week and I was a little star-struck. I did the stupid walking up to him and saying, "You're brilliant", and walked away. Doh!

OI am feeling nostalgic this week, what with the sale of my family home. I was listening to a song that was out in the 80s, Theme from S-Express, by S'Express. It was a tune from a time when we all seemed to get the lyrics wrong. I laughed as I remembered how I thought some of the lyrics actually said 'peat briquettes'. We all have 'wrong lyric memories' from our childhood. Then I thought of my friend who used to think the lyrics to the Man 2 Man song, Male Stripper, were: "I was a male stripper in a tug of war".

rWe all love our Irish parents viral videos. First there was the mother who berated her son for not studying for his Leaving Cert. Then we had the father who berated his son for not passing his driving test. And now we have the mammy ranting about the water charges. Irish parents should have their own show!