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Spotlight on our human rights record

Ireland's human rights record is under the microscope this week. Minister for Justice Frances Fitzgerald provided testimony to the United Nations Human Rights Committee on the country's performance to date.

The Minister will face questions on everything from Irish prisons to the Magdalene Laundries, symphysiotomy and human trafficking laws in the State later today.

Austerity has not helped civic and political rights in Ireland, and now is not the time to sit back.

Ireland has already been identified as a "destination, source and transit country" for people being trafficked for sexual and labour exploitation, according to a US report last week.

The country is fast-becoming a "safe haven" for pimps, experts have warned.

The Human Rights Committee yesterday applauded measures taken by the Government to try to prevent human trafficking.

But we must act now to stamp out any tolerance OF the multi-million euro industry.