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Sorry Westlife, for nostalgia to work we need time to forget about you first

The rumours are back. They keep cropping up every now and again.

And this time, Louis has said yes. Hurrrayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!

Yes, Westlife are rumoured to be reforming, regrouping...or is it regurgitating? And Louis Walsh has seemingly said that he is up for it too.

What in the hell ever happened to the notion that for a band to reform, there must be a passage of time of at least 10 years, so that we get a sense of nostalgia?

Its only been three years since the lads said adios. Three years! That's not enough time for Kian Egan to grow some stubble.

Let's have a little look at what's been going on for the boys since their split up many many moons ago.

Kian is doing well with The Voice, and played a blinder in the jungle. Nicky is full time employed by RTE radio and doing the odd stint on the telly.


Mark is living a quiet life and is probably shooting the breeze in Sligo.

And then there's Shane. Poor Shane. Shane sold his €10m pad for €800,000. Ouch.

And he's giving the ol' solo performer thing a go. I don't know how well that is working out for him.

There's one thing worse than a boy band reunion. And that's a too-soon-reunion. Things need to cook for a bit. The fans need to hear stories of sex and rock n' roll.

We need a Mickey Rourke story - losing it all and getting it all back again. I wanna smell real desperation.

I don't know if any of the lads from Westlife could ever have a Mickey Rourke story, more a Mickey Mouse story.

But the very least they can do is leave things for another ten years or so, before we see their aged, lived-in faces and their older, more frail bodies, step out of four rocking chairs, walk to the front of the stage, and do a key change.